However many thousands of miles we may roam, we are inevitably tied to the places of our youth. The rooms, parks, grocery stores, side walks, fences, and friends houses. There are those who escape, those who never leave, and those who look back from afar with a deep sense of appreciation. I am blessed with that awareness. Huntington, New York was a fine place to grow up. A stones throw from numerous harbors and beaches, it sits on the north shore of Long Island about one hour east of New York City. It is suburban but not with that same sort of sprawl seen across other parts of the island. Childhood was full of learning, adventure, and a relative notion of safety. Two wonderful parents instilled value, respect, and love, setting a course for the opportunity to work hard and succeed. 

I left the nest at the end of high school for Fordham University in the Bronx. Those four years were everything they are supposed to be - challenging, rewarding, eye opening, blissful, creative, at times tiring - and I would not change a single thing. Academics aside, I learn about relationships, living on my own, working hard, and the basic skills of being a contributor to the world we live in. I enjoyed my time in the northernmost of the five boroughs and that grit of the city, but something told me I couldn't stay. I longed for wide open spaces, mountains, forests, and rivers. I longed for something beyond what I had know for the better part of twenty two years. 

On June 8th, 2011, I set out west for the cross country drive to Portland. I had a car keys in hand and a job waiting for me at the other end. The rest was meant to fall into place in a way that fate should make it. I had nothing to escape from, but everything to gain. A stranger in a new city, I took to the woods on weekends, discovered a love for cycling, read books, took photographs, and make a conscious effort to understand the people, values, history, and creative energy of my new home. Looking back nearly 5 years later, it was, perhaps, the best and scariest decision of my life. Long nights of loneliness and moments of despair gave way to new friends, experiences, and a renewed sense of purpose. By day, I am the Marketing Director at West Coast Sailing, an online marine retailer based here in Portland. Outside of work, I am an avid cyclist and bike commuter, foodie, beer consumer, and general lover of life in the Pacific Northwest. I play tunes with the folk band Wooden Sleepers and serve on the Emerging Leaders Council for Columbia Land Trust. 



MARKETING DIRECTOR : West Coast Sailing (Portland, OR), 2013 - Present 

Responsible for development and management of all aspects of e-commerce, branding, promotions, and social media presence for niche retailer. Tasks include management of Magento based e-commerce site, from product mix decisions to user experience improvement, maintaining an active presence across multiple social media channels, driving traffic across multiple advertising channels, creating and implementing sales promotions, content writing, and maintaining brand identity. Marketing Director works closely with sales, inventory, and customer service teams to resolve issues, identify new opportunities, and improve overall customer experience. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER : West Coast Sailing (Portland, OR) 2011 - 2013

Developed a full time customer service department to compliment existing sales and inventory teams for niche retailer. Responsibilities included the management of all aspects of customer experience - managing customer interactions via phone and email, providing product support, assisting with order processing, and handling warranty claims - as well as additional tasks related to website content management, social media, and limited marketing campaigns. Emphasis for this role placed on timeliness, proactive responses, and anticipating customer needs.



GABELLI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS : Fordham University (Bronx, NY), 2007 - 2011

QUINN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS : University College Dublin (Dublin, IRL), 2010

ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL (Huntington, NY), 2003 - 2007


Volunteer Work

EMERGING LEADERS COUNCIL : Columbia Land Trust (Portland, OR), 2014 - Present 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS : Oregon Youth Sailing Foundation (Portland, OR), 2013 - 2016

SAILING TEAM CO-CAPTAIN : Fordham University (Bronx, NY), 2008 - 2011

GO! ECUADOR : Fordham University (Bronx, NY), 2011



WEBSITE AND BRAND REDESIGN : West Coast Sailing, March 2015

BOARD REBRANDING : Columbia Land Trust, April 2016

RIVER VALLEY SESSIONS : Wooden Sleepers, February 2015


HONORS & Awards

JOSEPH J. SULLIVAN, JR. LEADERSHIP AWARD : Fordham University Sailing Team, May 2011

MVP AWARD : Fordham University Sailing Team, November 2009

ST. FRANCIS STELLITE AWARD : St. Anthony's High School, June 2007