Portland to Astoria ride via Highway 30

90 miles

Sunday morning we let ourselves sleep in and woke up to another gorgeous, sunny day. A bit of oatmeal on the camp stove, a stop at Blue Scorcher for a real cup of coffee and a pastry, and we were set for another day of riding. I stopped into the local bike shop for a spare tube, quickly realizing the side wall tear in my tire wouldn't allow us to go riding. By a stoke of fate, my favorite Continental Gatorskins were in stock and on sale, so a new tire quickly found it's way onto my front wheel and we were off. 

This ride took us over the Astoria Bridge and along the 101 to Cap Disappointment State Park. The cape has breathtaking coastline and lots of opportunities for hiking and camping. Instantly added this spot to the bucket list for future trips. Completing a rough loop, we turned north towards Seaview to check out North Jetty Brewing. This small, almost barn looking brew pub served up quite an array of classic styles along with and endless bucket of peanuts. Worth a visit again.